Art of Writing One Act Plays

  • About this Workshop

    According to the wise words of award-winning American playwright David Mamet, "Anybody can write a good story. Not everyone can write a good sentence."

    This workshop will be a hands-on and interactive study into how an idea can be skillfully spun into a compelling play or film.

    You will be learning how masters of the craft such as Mamet, August Wilson, Aaron Sorkin and Christopher Nolan, breathe life into their writing and study their rationale behind some of the screenplay choices that make them the geniuses of screenwriting we have come to know and love!

    By the end of the lesson, you will not only finally manage to pinpoint why you love one movie and are able to watch it endlessly, and hate another but also acquire the skill of writing that elusive, good sentence.

  • Who is the workshop for?

    This workshop seeks to call upon anyone that hails from any background, from all levels and experience. We welcome actors, directors or anyone with the intention to pen down a story from the heart!
    Minimum age for admission is 13 and above.

Workshop Fees:


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Every Wednesday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm

March 11th – May 6th

*There is no class on March 25th

Public Showcase Date:
May 9th, Saturday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

About the Public Showcase
The workshop culminates in a public reading of the plays that you have written over the duration of the course, by trained actors from the HCAC Alumni and others.



  • Dramatic rules and foundations
  • Developing character
  • Plot
  • Dialogue


  • Learn what makes a story dramatic and how to take advantage of these tenets
  • Learn how to write dialogue that is creative and interesting
  • Discover writing techniques and tools such as metaphor, concrete language, rhythm and verse
  • Understand the power of arcing your characters
  • Writing a theatre or film script that can and will be performed on stage by actors


  • Learn the fundamental foundations for writing drama
  • Learn how to write a script both for film or for theatre
  • An understanding of what makes a compelling character

About the Public Showcase
The workshop culminates in a public reading of the plays that you have written over the duration of the course, by trained actors from the HCAC Alumni and others.

Date: Saturday, May 9th, 3pm – 5pm
Location: 89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611

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Do I need to have an idea before attending the class? 

Some people arrive on day one with a very clear idea of what they want to write about (and how) , but some people come with no idea whatsoever. Sometimes, after sitting through a few classes, the people who came with the ideas decide they don’t actually like their ideas that much. All you need is to attend the class with an open mind and an interest in writing and the ideas will formulate.

What if I’ve never written anything before? 

Good! We can guarantee that in 8 weeks that will definitely no longer be the case and you will be armed with the tools and the confidence to write for as long as your job and family commitments allow!

Will my play be performed? 

Yes! At the end of the semester, your piece will be cast with HCAC alumni actors and you will work with them for a dramatic reading that will be staged at a showcase at HCAC. Your play will also go into a tank of original scripts that students select from to produce in a later class, “One Act Plays: From script to stage. ”


About the Instructor

James Thoo

James started out his career in journalism, as the editor of the industry leading film website, and his work was featured regularly in publications like the Huffington Post and the New York Times.

He transitioned into screenwriting, working on several features including The Rude Mechanical (2006), which he wrote for Ravenwood films in Los Angeles and the award winning Malaysian film, Jarum Halus (2008).

After that he took some time away from writing to get married and move to Singapore, where he now lives with his wife. When he returned to writing his script, “Sonata” placed number one on Scriptshadow’s annual list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood for the year 2015, and was represented by Kaplan/Perrone, one of the biggest talent agencies in LA.

He most recently wrote the play Stool Pigeon (2017), which was the debut production for Thomas Pang’s new theatre company, Room to Breathe.